The Corner Store

The Corner Store – Like stale bait on the end of a fishing line, the offer of ‘two balls for a dollar’ struggles to tempt our burning desire for a bargain.

Outdoor Australia

Outdoor Australia – Echoing our vacuous material lifestyle, this billboard, with its green coastal fringe and seemingly barren neglected centre, seems specific to Australia as a whole.

Mandurama Storm

Mandurama Storm – As a fierce storm approaches, a last shaft of sunlight casts an ominous shadow on our relationship with nature.

Cape Le Grande

Cape Le Grande – An embryonic stage of construction.

Beyond the Bowser

Beyond the Bowser – A peaceful hillside view filtered by man-made artefacts.

East Meets West

East Meets West – A winter frost burns an uncomfortable alliance between these visual manifestations of energy.


Firefly – Ignored by the sentinel-like precision placed bins, only the now scorched and shade-less tree bears witness to what occurs in the night.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock – The grass is always greener…

Lake Mulwala

Lake Mulwala – The birds leaving this scene could be forgiven for never returning to this myriad of dead trees in a man-made lake.

Tamworth Trolley

Tamworth Trolley – The humble shopping trolley, an enabler to shop till we drop.

Caught in Limbo

Caught in Limbo – Modern relics suspended in time, a common sight almost everywhere.

Morgan’s Lookout

Morgans Lookout – White steps of steel conquer this once natural climb.

The Servo

The Servo – Running on empty, defeat imminent.

Life by the Levee

Life by the Levee – The modern struggle: keeping our heads above the mortgage.

Estella Rise

Estella Rise – The building blocks of suburban sprawl, like artists painting by numbers.

South Bowenfels Cemetery

South Bowenfels Cemetery – The sky above offers ascension, but not without one last reminder of humankind’s seemingly immortal power that entwines the earth.

International Hotel

International Hotel – Strangely, before construction is even finished, this new hotel already casts a demeanour of decay rather than grandeur.

Warkworth Coal Mine

Warkworth Coal Mine – This modern God personified stands within a man-made landscape of mining tailings, an increasingly common sight across regional Australia.

Capital Growth

Capital Growth – Growth at head office flourishes as a take-over bid looms from behind.

The Joyride

The Joyride – Abandoned and broken, the car soon becomes an integral component of a new landscape aesthetic.

Johnston Street

Johnston Street – The offers keep rolling in, an indiscriminate symptom of abandonment.


Emily – This extroverted display of sadness and loss is an increasingly familiar contemporary lament.

Recreation Reserve

Recreation Reserve – A small town’s last-ditch effort to stop the exodus.

Milawa Perfection

Milawa Perfection – Promised dreams bite the dust as contentment looms.

Lithgow Intersection

Lithgow Intersection – The road ahead doesn’t always lead to the blissful serenity of home.

Last Stop Sofala

Last Stop Sofala – The final journey: a trip to the picturesque countryside.

Lock the Gate Campaign

Lock the Gate Campaign – Like cutting off a nose to spite its face, we sadly lose the freedom of access to what we strive to protect.

Cootamundra Gate

Cootamundra Gate – A chained façade endures, a reminder of the fallacy of security.

Mount Remarkable

Mount Remarkable – The extent of our indelibly stamped human imprint is equally remarkable.

Nullarbor Whale

Nullarbor Whale – Held aloft above a meager inland sea, the whale, conquered, replicated, and owned, can only watch as we mindlessly rush past.

Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay – This highway of denial of our ancient rhythms, which carves its way through nature’s own warnings, careers relentlessly towards the inevitable edge.

Nazis in the Night

Nazis in the Night – Some donations are less charitable in their sentiment.

Port Augusta Cloud

Port Augusta Cloud – Near what is known as the ‘Crossroads of Australia’, this neutral intersection of expression is background to a lone roadside memorial.

Pruned Blooms

Pruned Blooms – One sense enhanced, another diminished.

Penong Windmills

Penong Windmills – A sad reminder is all that remains of the delicate relationship between nature and resource, and a recent fall of rain does little more than mock our efforts.

Dubbo Drive In

Dubbo Drive In – Planted to impede non-paying patrons without cars, the now rampant cacti perform better than ever.

Civil Management

Civil Management – This tank lies on the edge of town, just off the somewhat incongruously named Golden Highway.

Murrumbidgee Catering Van

Murrumbidgee Catering Van – Like a shop window, this fence separates what someone has from what someone wants.

The Red Boot Shop

The Red Boot Shop – Even with nothing left to protect, these boots weren’t made for walking through this well-worn local shortcut.

Comfort Stop

Comfort Stop – Like life, it seems as if this roadside rest stop is no picnic.

Caged Care

Caged Care – On some days an elderly resident casts crumbs to the birds outside the bars.